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What is the meaning of cohosh in Hindi?

Meaning of cohosh in Hindi is :
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Definition of word cohosh

  • Any of several North American plants, especially blue cohosh, black cohosh, and baneberry. (noun)

Examples of word cohosh

  • Even supplements that are touted as treatment for menopausal symptoms, such as soy or black cohosh, have only conflicting data at best supporting their use, he said.
  • Some women say natural remedies like black cohosh, red clover, soy and omega-3 fish oil also help relieve hot flashes and other symptoms.
  • What it is: The extract of the root of the black cohosh plant.
  • The bottom line: More evidence is needed to confirm the effects of black cohosh, both positive and negative.
  • Another review published in 2010 found that unspecified black cohosh "preparations" decreased hot flash symptoms by 26 percent.

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