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What is the meaning of cohered in Hindi?

Meaning of cohered in Hindi is :

Definition of word cohered

  • Simple past tense and past participle of cohere. (verb)

Examples of word cohered

  • But the Christian world did develop a notion of Jewish distinctiveness, although centuries passed before it cohered.
  • The book is called Mendocino and Other Stories, and it consists of the short stories I wrote in graduate school and after, stories that cohered around certain themes -- the navigation of relationships, the aftereffects of loss.
  • Unfortunately, Phantom Limb's show rarely cohered into a moving tableaux for more than a few moments.
  • Since its debut as a ragtag protest group, the Tea Party has cohered into a formidable voice in the GOP primaries.
  • More radical elements cohered into what is now AS.
  • She didn't go in any hackneyed direction, but actually cohered as a real, powerful individual.
  • So that universe has de-cohered from our universe.
  • This is called the many worlds theory, the theory that the universe constantly splits apart with multiple realities and that we have de-cohered.