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What is the meaning of cognizant in Hindi?

Meaning of cognizant in Hindi is : स‌ंज्ञान रखते हुये

Definition of word cognizant

  • Aware; fully informed; having understanding (adjective)
    अवगत; पूरी तरह से सूचित; समझ रखना

Examples of word cognizant

  • While civil society believes that the World Bank's access to information policy raised the bar among the various information disclosure policies of the international financial institutions, it is important to also remain cognizant of the end goal of such policies: improved development outcomes and participation.
  • So we focusing to stall by way of that crumb in cognizant and reconcile you with the cheapest habitual possible.
  • They also said they are "cognizant" of the risks created by accelerated capital inflows to the region and said they will continue to monitor these, a source of concern — especially for countries with high interest rates like Indonesia that have seen a buildup of volatile flows in recent months.
  • Not just that - people are also more "cognizant" of investing.
  • "She was really carefully, artfully calibrating not to part with the president" while at the same time being "cognizant" of her role as a mother.