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What is the meaning of cognitive in Hindi?

Meaning of cognitive in Hindi is : स‌ंज्ञानी

Definition of word cognitive

  • The part of mental functions that deals with logic, as opposed to affective which deals with emotions. (adjective)

Examples of word cognitive

  • British cognitive psychologist Ros Crawley ­comments: "The idea that women become forgetful and absentminded during pregnancy has become a stereotype in our society, but my own studies have found very little difference in ­­cognitive ­function between women who are or are not ­pregnant."
  • Though Freud's waning prestige has weakened tendencies to assume that he had somehow demonstrated the reality of unconscious intentionality, the rise of cognitive science has created a new climate of educated opinion that also takes elaborate non-conscious mental machinations for granted ” the ˜cognitive unconscious.™
  • The term "cognitive dissonance" was first applied to this stance - in which bare fact cannot undermine strong contrary belief.
  • It was he who, back in the 1970s, coined the term "cognitive neuroscience"—with colleague George Miller—in the back seat of a New York taxi.
  • The term cognitive dysfunction covers the entire range of mental faculties from memory to abstract thinking and judgment.
  • Dude, should the term cognitive dissonance mean anything to us?
  • This is where the term cognitive dissonance has the possibity to fall flat on its face - at least when the concept is misused deliberately or accidentally as is the case when trying to apply cognitive dissonance to the subject of Man-made global warming.
  • �He says these findings fit with what researchers have theorized for a while now - mentally engaged people build up what he calls a cognitive reserve that may help them compensate when the initial damage of Alzheimer's - including a buildup of plaques and tangles in the brain - start to develop.