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What is the meaning of coat in Hindi?

Meaning of coat in Hindi is : विलेपन

Definition of word coat

  • An outer garment covering the upper torso and arms. (noun)
  • To cover with a coat of some material (verb)

Examples of word coat

    • The _choroid coat_ lies immediately beneath the sclerotic coat at all places except a small margin toward the front of the eyeball.
    • The outer coat of the stomach, called the _serous coat_, is a continuation of the peritoneum, the membrane lining the abdominal cavity.
    • In this aspect, the coat is a depository of value.
    • In this aspect the coat is a depository of value, but though worn to a thread, it does not let this fact show through.
    • Hence, in the value equation, in which the coat is the equivalent of the linen, the coat officiates as the form of value.
    • By its reference to the coat as as its equivalent, as something that can be exchanged for it …. in this relation the coat is the mode of existence of value, is value embodied, or only as such is it the same as the linen.
    • From now until March, your coat is your first-impression outfit.