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What is the meaning of clutter in Hindi?

Meaning of clutter in Hindi is : हड़बड़ाहट

Definition of word clutter

  • a confused disordered jumble of things (noun)
    चीजों की एक भ्रमित अव्यवस्थित गड़बड़ी
  • to fill something with clutter (verb)
    किसी चीज को अव्यवस्था से भरना

Examples of word clutter

    • The word clutter is often associated with chaos, disorganization, and mess.
    • I think the clutter is the biggest problem I have, and I plan to tackle it with a vengeance this week!
    • Combine that with the year end tendency to divest and true middle age anxiety, and guess what i will be doing for the rest of the weekend? to be fair, my 'clutter' is no where NEAR as bad as I think it is, but i have 'issues'.
    • This is the definition of clutter that I embrace in my work and in this book.
    • But clearing out the clutter is well worth a bit of your time and effort.
    • No matter how I try to organize it, clutter is always attracted to its surface.
    • So, I removed that clutter from the short and rewrote it.