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What is the meaning of clubby in Hindi?

Meaning of clubby in Hindi is :

Definition of word clubby

  • Resembling or suggestive of a social club or clubhouse: congenial and exclusive. (adjective)
  • Who enjoys frequenting nightclubs. (adjective)

Examples of word clubby

  • But a number of commentators noted that the accusations against Mr. Strauss-Kahn pointed not only to elitism in the Socialist party - the "caviar left" - but also to what they termed clubby corruption and even immorality.
  • The toughest week for a big-league clubby is the one before spring training.
  • Bring together the righteous, the greedy and the the 'clubby' and you have all the ingredients for a good dramatic play.
  • Kurtz has gotten very defensive about the 'clubby' angle in my piece but he's also assuming that that was meant as a criticism.
  • Responding to some who wonder if Dealbook may be a bit to "clubby" with it subjects, Cain rejects the premise and says it is New York Times "journalism for the financial community."


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