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What is the meaning of clubbed in Hindi?

Meaning of clubbed in Hindi is : स‌ंयोजित

Definition of word clubbed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of club. (verb)
  • Shaped like a club; grasped like, or used as, a club. (adjective)
    एक क्लब के आकार का; एक क्लब की तरह समझा, या इस्तेमाल किया।

Examples of word clubbed

    • Franklin clubbed a two-run blast in the second inning, then added solo shots in both the fourth and sixth innings and now leads the team with 21 home runs.
    • Kirker reached for his big knife, but before he could pull it Call clubbed his arm with his musket—then he clubbed him twice more.
    • SYDNEY - Megan Fox used a body double for close up shots, showing her use new Blur smart phone in the latest Motorola advertisement because of her clubbed thumbs. he 'Transformers' suffers from a genetic condition called 'brachydactyly,' commonly known as clubbed thumbs.
    • - Fox suffers from Brachydactyly, a rare condition known as a clubbed thumb (Entertainment and Showbiz!) ...
    • But don't expect Fox's so-called clubbed thumbs to stand in the way of her career anytime soon.
    • In Norway, it is illegal to shoot seal whelps, instead, they must be humanely, and with one blow, "clubbed" to death.