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What is the meaning of cloth in Hindi?

Meaning of cloth in Hindi is : वस्त्र

Definition of word cloth

  • A woven fabric such as used in dressing, decorating, cleaning or other practical use. (noun)
    एक बुना हुआ कपड़ा जैसे कि ड्रेसिंग, सजाने, सफाई या अन्य व्यावहारिक उपयोग में उपयोग किया जाता है।

Examples of word cloth

  • WORDS OF SIMILAR SOUND: canvas (cloth) principle (rule) canvass (all meanings except _cloth_) principal (chief) capitol (a building) stationary (immovable) capital (all meanings except _building_) stationery (articles) counsel (advice or an adviser) miner (a workman) council (a body of persons) minor (under age) complement (a completing element) angel (a spiritual being) compliment (praise) angle (geometrical) 205.
  • Lay the cloth for two (_She meditates while the waiter lays the cloth_.
  • Therefore, it is becoming more difficult to obtain cloth from the U.S.
  • When Bi-Ju and C-Ju found him, he had stripped down to a loin cloth and was busy practicing speaking like a Gollum.
  • We ended the trip with a visit to the village where Jamdani cloth is hand woven.
  • At any rate, if you are simulating drowning somebody by strapping him to a board, putting a thin cloth over his mouth and nose and pouring water over him to soak the fabric, How is the prisoner supposed to say a word?
  • As the ship models are so large and I only have the one dinky water terrain cloth from Monday Knight Productions, this phaseis fast and decisive – fleets were shooting at turn one.
  • To the rest of you "purists" who prefer the loin cloth and knife; you have a much better chance of killing a mature buck on a food plot than you ever will under a feeder.