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What is the meaning of clinch in Hindi?

Meaning of clinch in Hindi is : लिपट जाना

Definition of word clinch

  • To fasten securely or permanently. (verb)
  • Any of several fastenings. (noun)

Examples of word clinch

    • My brother swears the improved clinch is the only way to go and a very good friend went to great lengths to test knot breaking strength and landed on the Trilene Knot.
    • The playoff clinch is a plus, but we definitely needed this home win before we went on this road trip.
    • The improved clinch is the way to go with large mouths
    • Protag arrives at disco to find Antag and Sweethart in clinch, and leaves
    • Tinner's tacks, which are used for clinching, are commonly called clinch-nails.
    • Against Moon, Sanderson fell behind 1-0 at the start of the second period when he surrendered a point on a tie-up known as the clinch, rather than risk getting tossed for a three-point throw.
    • Muay Thai fighters also master the art of the clinch, which is a series of techniques to get in close to your opponent and hold him in such a way that he is susceptible to any number of devastating strikes.
    • I do think Couture will be fine on his back and that his dirty boxing in the clinch will be a difference maker as well.