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What is the meaning of cleaves in Hindi?

Meaning of cleaves in Hindi is :

Definition of word cleaves

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of cleave. (verb)

Examples of word cleaves

  • Their skin cleaves to their bones, their flesh being quite consumed and wasted away; it is withered; it has become like a stick, as dry and hard as a piece of wood.
  • And yet the idea cleaves to me strangely, and is liable to stick to my shroud.
  • They clasp hands upon the compact, and Hagen with his sword cleaves in two the drinking-horn.
  • The mystic fire consumes our weakness, the sacred sword cleaves the bondage of desire.
  • Similarly Pakudha Kaccâyana states that "when a sharp sword cleaves a head in twain" the soul and pain play a part similar to that played by the component elements of the sword and head.
  • As the sword cleaves through the byrny, so there the mountain flank
  • Now from Westport to Ballinrobe we had met nobody but a very few people going into town either riding on an ass or driving one laden with a pair of panniers or "cleaves" of turf, for which some fourpence or fivepence would be paid.
  • The hero habitually "cleaves" his foeman "to the midriff," the "midriff" being what the properly brought up hero always has in view.