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What is the meaning of claim in Hindi?

Meaning of claim in Hindi is : ज़ोर देकर कहना

Definition of word claim

  • A demand of ownership made for something (eg. claim ownership, claim victory). (noun)
    किसी चीज के लिए किए गए स्वामित्व की मांग (उदाहरण के लिए स्वामित्व का दावा, जीत का दावा)।
  • To demand ownership of. (verb)
    के स्वामित्व की मांग करना।

Examples of word claim

    • Since the time that photography laid its claim to be reckoned among the fine arts the attention of artists has been attracted first by the _claim_ and thereafter, with acknowledgments, to the _performance.
    • To regard sickness as a false claim, is to abate the fear of it; but this does not destroy the so-called fact of the _claim_.
    • _claim_, but it is observable that the claim failed, and that the supposed villain was adjudged to be a free man.
    • When you read the paper, their main claim is that white players benefit disproportionately from white refs (although blacks also see a smaller benefit).
    • Very little of the label claim here has to do with labels.
    • In their pitch to retailers, sales representatives for the label claim that the quality of its Chinese-made suits is as good, if not better, than higher-priced suits made in Italy or the U.S.
    • "As a result of a title claim brought by Dennis Hopper's estranged wife, Christie's must withdraw 32 items from the sale until such time as the title claim is resolved," said a spokeswoman for the auction house last night.
    • "As a result of a title claim," the London-based auction house said in an e-mailed statement before the sale started, "Christie's must withdraw 32 items from the sale until such time as the title claim is resolved."
    • We can add a custom rule for Live ID to copy the nameidentifier to the name claim if we plan on using the name in our application by clicking add, then configuring the rule to copy the
    • Going into the final day on Thursday, there is hardly a threat to her title claim as second placed Nikita Arjun, Saniya Sharma, Nitika Jadeja and Nalini