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What is the meaning of city in Hindi?

Meaning of city in Hindi is : सरकार

Definition of word city

  • A large settlement, bigger than a town. (noun)
    एक बड़ी बस्ती, एक कस्बे से भी बड़ी।

Examples of word city

  • How many school buses that could have taken them out of the city just sat there, unused, because the * city* government couldn't get their girdle in gear abuot it?
  • So ˜Istanbul™ denotes one thing, namely the Turkish city, ˜city™ denotes many things, namely all cities, and
  • _ A town or village so _near_ to a _city_ that it may be used for residence by those doing business in the city.
  • Rome created the word that denotes this marvellous and monstrous phenomenon, of history, the enormous city, the deceitful source of life and death -- _urbs_ -- _the city_.
  • The observation of even the miscellaneous objects in a large city leads to a variety of concepts, and in the end, by comparison, to the general notion, _city_.
  • But now, in regular employment, in a city, -- _their own city_!
  • This might be all well enough, but the question was, how were these troops, strangers to the city, to find out where "_such parts of the city_" were in which was "_the greatest danger from the rioters_?"
  • In plain English: "Insert the values $zip, $city, and $state into the columns id, city, and state in the char_zipcode table."
  • The expression could be something like this it. city = @city OR @city IS NULL
  • InsertCommand = "INSERT INTO [emp] ([city], [state]) VALUES (@city, @state)"