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What is the meaning of circumscribed in Hindi?

Meaning of circumscribed in Hindi is : सीमाबद्ध

Definition of word circumscribed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of circumscribe. (verb)

Examples of word circumscribed

  • England, are from Mr. William Lee and you will be so good as to forward them, with his name circumscribed and inclosed to Messieurs Frederic Goutard and Fils, Banquiers a
  • When the augur moved his wand aloft and designated the portion of the heavens in which he was to make his observations, he called the circumscribed area of the ethereal blue a temple, and when the mediæval astrologer did the same, he named the space a "house."
  • Lake called the FCC's role in retrans disputes "circumscribed" -- FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said the FCC did not plan to step in if Sinclair pulls its signals Jan. 8, so long as the bargaining is in "good faith."
  • Nor, of course, has the current Court suggested that habeas for the Gitmo detainees needs to amount to a full-blown re-examination of the government’s evidence and procedures; something more circumscribed is contemplated.
  • Although regarded by many as a disease distinct from scleroderma, morphea is best described as a circumscribed scleroderma, and presents itself in two clinical aspects: patches and bands, the patches being the more common.
  • When it is circumscribed, that is, when, but a small portion of the animal structure is involved, Fever is not ordinarily developed.
  • Resistance is not defined as a circumscribed set of actions, but is rather a state of mind, an emergent construct that refuses to be awed by the power of the Olympics and its corporate sponsors or the levels of government that actively do their bidding.
  • In order to get from the idea of circumscribed options to determined option we'd need to add some other thesis.