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What is the meaning of circumscribe in Hindi?

Meaning of circumscribe in Hindi is : सीमित करना

Definition of word circumscribe

  • To draw a line around; to encircle. (verb)

Examples of word circumscribe

  • Reveals that the CIA sought to "circumscribe" a policy of humane detainee treatment "so as to limit its application to the CIA."
  • And he used the leverage derived from favorable economic conditions to circumscribe political freedoms.
  • A different picture emerges: the US has tended to circumscribe IP rights and subject them to more aggressive antitrust scrutiny than the EU.
  • Empiricism merely served to circumscribe the debate, “boxing out” ethics proper.
  • Climate control is seamlessly integrated and hardly noticeable as air diffusers circumscribe the house with fully integrated track lighting, eliminating unsightly air vents and making credible use of space.
  • If you insist that it fit with your own limited ability to circumscribe reality then you end up like JWs and other Gnostics.
  • One, they should circumscribe the role of the ombudsman, preferably to higher levels of government, and focus on increasing transparency.