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What is the meaning of circuiting in Hindi?

Meaning of circuiting in Hindi is :

Definition of word circuiting

  • Present participle of circuit. (verb)

Examples of word circuiting

  • The 1992 Clinton campaign was very successful in short circuiting the Bush / Media attacks, with their War Room Pre-Buttals; what do you suggest we can do to short circuit the pro-Bush Media Bias?
  • After a frustrating day with the kids Fiona not napping resulting in the synapses in her brain short-circuiting, Ian being intellectually precocious and socially clueless, I made a disappointing dinner--calzones.
  • Urging the committee to assist in short-circuiting the licensing process, he said revenue from the pool could be used to construct new facilities, provide training amenities, and fund development programmes.
  • Result: Your iPhone 4's twin antennas are now insulated against skin short-circuiting in the "problem corner".
  • There's no point in short circuiting the reform process by abolition … just 'cos.
  • In early 1986, Powell exploited his bureaucratic skills to begin short-circuiting the Pentagon’s covert procurement system that had been put in place after the Yellow Fruit scandal.
  • Short-circuiting occurs when a non-literal use of an expression, phrase, or sentence becomes standardized and the necessary inference pattern gets short-circuited.
  • If (as seems likely) we soon place cost - and price-controls on such innovation, we risk short-circuiting U.S. medical and technological progress that has improved the health of so many in the United States and around the world.
  • We're just short circuiting our own growth, I think, as a nation.