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What is the meaning of circle in Hindi?

Meaning of circle in Hindi is : हल्का

Definition of word circle

  • A two-dimensional geometric figure, a line, consisting of the set of all those points in a plane that are equally distant from another point. (noun)
    एक द्वि-आयामी ज्यामितीय आकृति, एक रेखा, जिसमें एक विमान में उन सभी बिंदुओं का समूह होता है जो दूसरे बिंदु से समान रूप से दूर होते हैं।
  • To travel around along a curved path. (verb)
    घुमावदार रास्ते पर घूमने के लिए।

Examples of word circle

    • _ A circle whose center moves around _upon_, or in, the circumference of another _circle_; as the orbit of the moon in its motion with the earth around the sun.
    • (STANDISH _places the chairs above and below the table in the circle, then the chair on the_ R. _side of the fireplace in the circle_.)
    • (_Goes inside circle and sits down up_ C. _in circle_.)
    • The main circle is bi-directional and each entrance has it's own unidirectional mini circle.
    • We need not imagine that Aristides meant the word circle literally.
    • And in particular he singled out for comment the following question, which was one of those set, “Using the term circle as extending to the case where the radius is a pure imaginary, it is required to construct the common chord of two given circles.”
    • My brother has relayed his circle is the same ... few hunt squirrels, and those that once did have put it to the side for deer, turkey, etc.
    • This circle is a foundation for each of our lives.