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What is the meaning of ciphers in Hindi?

Meaning of ciphers in Hindi is :

Definition of word ciphers

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of cipher. (verb)

Examples of word ciphers

  • Arabic ciphers than the Roman alphabetical numerals; when 1375 is dated in Arabic ciphers, if the 3 is only changed into an 0, three centuries are taken away; if the 3 is made into a 9 and take away the 1, four hundred years are lost.
  • Both Carlos and Zuckerberg are young anti-heroes who remain ciphers.
  • This inconvenience led to perfecting the art of ciphers, which is called “stenography.”
  • The chief difficulty in the way of a complete explanation of the Chaldæan system of arithmetic lies in the interpretation of the symbols which served it for ciphers, which is all the greater as it would seem that they had several different ways of writing a single number.
  • Many claim, quite compellingly, that the ciphers are a hoax, perpetrated by Ward to increase sales.


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