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What is the meaning of churching in Hindi?

Meaning of churching in Hindi is :

Definition of word churching

  • churching of women (blessing given to new mothers) (noun)
    महिलाओं का चर्च (नई माताओं को दिया गया आशीर्वाद)
  • Present participle of church. (verb)

Examples of word churching

    • I'm not interested in churching my readers, and never have been.
    • RIGA - While going "churching" - visiting famous c ...
    • As an altarboy, I remember the quaint, hush-hush ceremony of "churching" of new mothers
    • It must be imparted in a church or in a place in which Mass is celebrated, as the very name "churching" is intended to suggest a pilgrimage of thanksgiving to the church, and as the rubrics indicate in the expressions: "desires to come to the church", "he conducts her into the church", she kneels before the altar ", etc. Hence the Second
    • The grumbling set in, and people spoke of “churching” elsewhere.
    • The circumcision and the churching of Mary would have occurred on the same day -- the eighth after the birth.
    • Now that I think of it, though, this is more likely the churching of Mary, when she hands Jesus over to Simeon in the temple.
    • I could have gone into the churching business with a six-figure salary.
    • I suspect eventually, one of the parents would “give” depending on the weight/value they — and especially extended family — place on the churching.