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What is the meaning of chubby in Hindi?

Meaning of chubby in Hindi is : मोट

Definition of word chubby

  • Of a person, slightly overweight, somewhat fat and hence soft. (adjective)
  • Of a body part, containing a moderate amount of fat. (adjective)
  • A chubby, plump person (noun)
  • Especially a gay man. (noun)
  • An erection of the penis. (noun)

Examples of word chubby

  • They use the word 'chubby' -- who are they referring to?
  • “Or the shortest kid that people call ‘Stretch,’ or you call the chubby guy ‘Slim,’ or—”
  • Growing up I was called chubby or “big-boned” by adults.
  • Hi Pille, chubby is definitely better if it means more chocolate huh!
  • Explaining why "Mr. Wonderful" was not turned off by her earlier physique, Ms. Voigt said that some men are what are called "chubby chasers."


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