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What is the meaning of chrystal in Hindi?

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Definition of word chrystal

Examples of word chrystal

  • Now Chrystal is a fitter Medium to receive this Motion, which we call Light, than Wood is; and hence it is, that it pervades or passeth through that and not this; and as there is a great diversity of the Motion and Operation of Bodies, so every Motion requires its proper Medium to transmit the same.
  • Here's a sunset from a cafe at a place called the Chrystal Castle.
  • She also starred in 2004's "Chrystal" with fellow Arkansan
  • Blount starred with Arkansas native Billy Bob Thornton in the drama "Chrystal," McKinnon's 2004 feature film directing debut for which Blount also was a producer.
  • "Chrystal," a film written and directed by her husband, Ray
  • The police had no suspects for the murders of Judy, Chrystal, and Larry Hudson, which occurred in Fayetteville, North Carolina, on July 29, 1991.
  • At the other end of the country, Chrystal Ocean's radar has been tweaked, too.