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What is the meaning of childish in Hindi?

Meaning of childish in Hindi is : व्यर्थ

Definition of word childish

  • Of or suitable for a child. (adjective)

Examples of word childish

  • Marco Reininger, a veteran and political science major at Columbia, wrote on The Huffington Post that, despite what he called the childish catcalls that greeted Maschek, the institution as a whole is neither as elitist nor as condescending as the media firestorm suggests.
  • With tear-filled eyes, my younger siblings and I waved goodbye as one by one the older kids deserted us and what they termed our childish ways.
  • Percy, who disapproved of what he termed their childish behavior, didn't spend much time in the Gryffindor common room.
  • At a private meeting at which only he, Ibn Sa'ud and I were present, he lost all patience over what he called the childish attitude of Ibn Sa'ud in his tribal boundary idea.
  • Both have, however, one common ground on which they become indistinguishable, -- that region of the supernatural which is most primitive and most vague; and the closest relation between the savage and the civilized fancy may be found in the fears which we call childish, -- of darkness, shadows, and things dreamed.
  • Certainly the French father might have followed the custom of his class and country, and coerced his young daughter into the acceptance of any husband he might have chosen for her; but he did not feel disposed to use harsh measures with his only and idolized child; he rather preferred to exercise patience and forbearance toward her, until she should have outlived what he called her childish caprices.
  • He'd like to use the word "childish" but feels it's too harsh.
  • Blagojevich also apologized to his family, his brother, and for his "self-absorbed behavior," which he called "childish and petty."