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What is the meaning of chemotherapy in Hindi?

Meaning of chemotherapy in Hindi is : रसोचिकित्सा

Definition of word chemotherapy

  • Any chemical treatment intended to be therapeutic with respect to a disease state. (noun)
  • chemical treatment to kill or halt the replication and/or spread of cancerous cells in a patient. (noun)

Examples of word chemotherapy

    • For example, "we don't use the term chemotherapy," says Dr. Xu.
    • The term chemotherapy often refers to a kind of treatment for cancer in which chemicals are administered to destroy cancer cells.
    • The word chemotherapy, in the sense we understand it today, had never been used for anticancer medicines.
    • Last, you can drop the word chemotherapy, which carries enough gravitas to chasten even the most suspicious stylist.
    • I know chemotherapy is pretty nasty, but do you know of any other way to work against cancer?


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