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What is the meaning of cheerful in Hindi?

Meaning of cheerful in Hindi is : हर्ष

Definition of word cheerful

  • Noticeably happy and optimistic. (adjective)
    विशेष रूप से खुश और आशावादी।

Examples of word cheerful

  • Someone was about to laugh, but the captain snapped: This is what I call a cheerful state of affairs.
  • “He is not absolutely drunk,” said Hart, “but is what he terms cheerful; that is, ripe for a row, as we say; he will, therefore, attack his wife, unless hindered; so get them off as fast as you can.”
  • Houses in cheerful colors line a street in the Mexican river port town of Tlacotalpan, Veracruz.
  • But I must yield in cheerful obedience to the "powers that be"; and to warn you against the anxieties which my delay might cause in your mind, whe
  • First Impression: Reagan is described as a cheerful chatterbox or an articulate woman.
  • Hope you would have enjoyed your long break in cheerful way.
  • As soon as the rest of the company was assembled, he set meat and drink before them and, when they had well eaten and drunken and were merry and in cheerful case, he took up his discourse and recounted to them in these words the narrative of
  • And that very evening he joined with me in my retired duties; and, at all proper opportunities, favours me with his company in the same manner; listening attentively to all my lessons, as he calls my cheerful discourses on serious subjects.
  • The brothers cherish memories of the home where Bess resides in cheerful domesticityreading this very letter.