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What is the meaning of cheered in Hindi?

Meaning of cheered in Hindi is :

Definition of word cheered

  • Simple past tense and past participle of cheer. (verb)

Examples of word cheered

  • As drivers navigated through cones and barrels, relatives, friends and co-workers cheered from the sidelines as each driver's name, tenure at Metro and number of miles driven without an accident were announced by loudspeaker.
  • Palin cheered alright, look at the crowds that came to see the "CLOWN" performing like a little monkey .... yet knowing that she would soon be back in her cage in Alaska.
  • Maria Sharapova cheered from the bench, and joined in the celebration after the win.
  • Actress Jessica Alba - another friend of Davis, who also invited Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson to both Oakland games - cheered from a front-row seat.
  • Including those who cheered from the sidelines – our current chief.
  • Left-hander Bob Bryan served an ace on match point, and the brothers celebrated with their trademark chest bump as Roddick and Fish cheered from the first row.
  • His expression cheered up as the door to the cell section opened and another uniformed man stepped in.
  • Travelling the globe, meeting royalty, being treated like royalty and having his name cheered by an entire arena in Glasgow, Scotland, are just some of his tales.
  • However, reports of the conference call cheered investors and the Stoxx Europe 600 ended up 0.9% at 220.87.