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What is the meaning of cheer in Hindi?

Meaning of cheer in Hindi is : ढ़ाढ़स बाँधना

Definition of word cheer

  • A chant made in support of a team at a sports event. (noun)
    एक खेल आयोजन में एक टीम के समर्थन में किया गया मंत्र।
  • To shout a cheer or cheers. (verb)
    जयकार या जयकार करने के लिए।

Examples of word cheer

    • I really would like to save 20 bucks * cheer cheer* Hoo rah!
    • And sometimes I will be on the ride with them, and sometimes I will cheer from the sides, but I will ALWAYS be there at the finish.
    • If the American people did not want her to be VP what makes you palin cheer leaders think she's going to be President.
    • When he asked rhetorically whether it was time for the government to start rewarding "people who could carry the water instead of drink the water" he evoked a huge cheer from the equity traders hard at work behind him on the trading floor.
    • So who else should be the main cheer leader for you if that person is not your wife?
    • “Woohoo!” came a lone cheer from the top of the hill.
    • The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for everyone to hear!
    • Remember your father and help us Californians to again cheer for ourselves, and the last hurrah will be for you.
    • Yeah, he should definitely be rebuke by the House Democrats, but before that happens, can I get a big cheer from the left for the guy who threw a shoe at President Bush!