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What is the meaning of character in Hindi?

Meaning of character in Hindi is : ७ंआटक का पात्र

Definition of word character

  • A being involved in the action of a story. (noun)
  • To write (using characters); To describe (verb)

Examples of word character

  • A quibble about your WiR framing: I think that the two functional definitions of WiR are where a female character is killed and/or depowered, thereby taking her out of the power fantasy sandbox for writers to play with and readers to enjoy, and/or as you pointed out, harming a female to get a reaction from a male _character_.
  • Diagnosing the U.S. 'national character': Narcissistic Personality Disorder 'yahooBuzzArticleHeadline =' Diagnosing the U.S. \'national character\ ': Narcissistic Personality Disorder\' '; yahooBuzzArticleSummary =' Article: Can a nation have a coherent character? ....
  • Also with contentus; as, -- fortūnā amīcī gaudeō, _I rejoice at the fortune of my friend (i.e. on account of it_); victōriā suā glōriantur, _they exult over their victory_; nātūrā locī cōnfīdēbant, _they trusted in the character of their country_ (lit. _were confident on account of the character_).a. fīdō and cōnfīdō always take the Dative of the person (§ 187, II, a); sometimes the Dative of the thing.
  • North Carolina is dear to him -- on the comfort, 'character and feelings,' of her _white_ citizens he sets a high value; he feels too, most deeply for the _character of the Press_ of North Carolina, sees that it is a city set on a hill, and implores his brethren of the editorial corps to 'set an example' of courtesy and magnanimity worthy of imitation and praise.
  • But the benevolent character thus deeply laid is the _Christian character_.
  • Strength of character depends entirely upon the mastery which the will has acquired over the life; and _the formation of character_, as shown in a strong moral will, is the highest aim of education.
  • They are forming character and _character tends to permanence_.
  • An attack on someones character isn't a logical fallacy when the discussion is * about said person's character*.
  • They are amiable, because it chances to be one of the constitutional tendencies of their individual character, left uneffaced by the Fall; and _they an just and upright_, _because they have perhaps no occasion to be otherwise_, _or find it subservient to their interests to maintain such a character_.” — “Occ. Disc.” vol.i. p. 8.

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