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What is the meaning of changeless in Hindi?

Meaning of changeless in Hindi is : निर्विकार

Definition of word changeless

  • unchanging (adjective)

Examples of word changeless

  • That is what gives them resilience to face suffering and to meet upheavals with a degree of calm, to change constantly and yet remain changeless, which is the quality of India herself.
  • Modern thinkers, who have thoroughly assimilated the idea of changeless laws underlying all phenomena, and who have studied the workings of these laws, are at first apt to reject any and every theory of the forgiveness of sins as being inconsistent with that fundamental truth, just as the scientist, penetrated with the idea of the inviolability of law, repels all thought which is inconsistent with it.
  • Let me find that which is changeless, which is deathless, which is without sorrow, which is unborn and undying, that is a true refuge.
  • God fills all space, and he created all that is, and his creation is spiritual and perfect, changeless throughout all eternity.
  • That is because the viewers have changeless, timeless needs that candid camera shows provide an answer for -- whether it's basic malicious joy, schadenfreude (pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others), the feeling that our daily life can become a joke (whatever this is), candid camera shows supply it.
  • But much of this attention feeds into an idea that Egypt is "other" and "exotic"—a changeless, mysterious world of tombs, temples and sorcerers.
  • Yet the Greenlanders, far from requiring relocation or demanding to live in a changeless past, are making use of every modern technological innovation available, working in their own language, proud citizens of Kalaallit Nunaat looking to the future.
  • It's built to offer a completely fake space, a windless, rainless, changeless place far beyond reach of the human body clock.
  • Cuba is truly frozen in time, from the peeling paint on the buildings, the empty stores, to the changeless society.
  • I wonder if my dying will be quiet, a lingering on to see that old friend the sun shining on a changeless world, to hear the rain murmuring on the last evening of my life?