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What is the meaning of chance in Hindi?

Meaning of chance in Hindi is : सांयोगिक

Definition of word chance

  • A male given name, an American pet form of Chauncey, in modern usage also associated with the word chance. (proper noun)
    एक पुरुष दिया गया नाम, चाउन्सी का एक अमेरिकी पालतू रूप, आधुनिक उपयोग में भी मौका शब्द के साथ जुड़ा हुआ है।

Examples of word chance

  • "It's hardly what I call a Chance," said the Marshwiggle.
  • There have been sects of philosophers who have admitted what they termed Chance as one of the agents in the order of nature by which certain classes of events were entirely regulated; which could only mean that those events did not occur in any fixed order, or depend upon uniform laws of causation.
  • That working of an invisible judge, which we call Chance, "life's justicer," lays the villainy bare at the instant of its perfection.
  • Juliet, in "Chance," quickly takes up with an older, married man she meets on a train, pursuing him to Whale Bay, on the British Columbian coast, although she has learned almost nothing about him and he doesn't even know her last name.
  • Taking Chance is also a tribute to the American people, because it was the care, honor, and respect that they showed to the body of the dead soldier and to his escort that inspired Col. Strobl to write the story.
  • REVIEW: 'Taking Chance' is a powerful reminder of war's toll
  • A small, almost perfectly realized gem of a movie, Taking Chance is also precisely the kind of movie that TV should be making.
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