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What is the meaning of chagrin in Hindi?

Meaning of chagrin in Hindi is : सन्ताप

Definition of word chagrin

  • Distress of mind caused by a failure of aims or plans, want of appreciation, mistakes etc; vexation or mortification. (noun)
  • To bother or vex; to mortify. (verb)

Examples of word chagrin

    • Sol Witberg would have bitten his bruised and swollen lip in chagrin, had it not hurt so much.
    • Federer, much to his chagrin, is in perfect position to make that comparison.
    • "It would have been too much to see those Groucho Marx eyebrows knitted together in chagrin as Clint strode past them to the podium once more."
    • She said a simple, “Oh,” looked away from Areel and the jury, let an expression of chagrin come over her, and peered down at the floor in contrition.
    • To live as Nature ordained, though with many a concern and many a chagrin, is infinitely preferable to living in relative ease and serenity, in opposition to Nature's demands.
    • I BET with every Wind that blew, till Nature in chagrin