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What is the meaning of cessation in Hindi?

Meaning of cessation in Hindi is : समाप्ति

Definition of word cessation

  • A ceasing or discontinuance, as of action, whether temporary or final. (noun)

Examples of word cessation

  • The term cessation or stoppage itself indicates that what is stopped does not cease of its own accord but through exertion.
  • That state of having been purified is called cessation, which is the third noble truth.
  • AA LB Brandon Spikes was concerned in an eye gouging incident which led HC Herban Meyer to announce which this was a teaching moment for his team, as good as he followed which up with a unbending chastisement for Spikes of a cessation from a Vandy diversion for a 1st half.
  • Smoking cessation is one of the most common risk factors for weight gain and there is little doubt that in some people food activates exactly the same hedonic pathways as does nicotine and other drugs - this is why for some people, food is very much an addiction.
  • The update, along with reactions, on the Starlog website says the cessation is 'temporary' but without an ETA for a return to print.
  • The Sanskrit word for cessation is nirodha, and in Tibetan, it is gokpa, which in verb form means “to stop” or “to prevent.”