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What is the meaning of cent in Hindi?

Meaning of cent in Hindi is : सौ

Definition of word cent

  • A subunit of currency equal to one-hundredth of the main unit of currency in many countries. Symbol: ¢. (noun)
    कई देशों में मुद्रा की मुख्य इकाई के सौवें हिस्से के बराबर मुद्रा का एक सबयूनिट। प्रतीक: .
  • century (abbreviation)

Examples of word cent

    • Thus, for example, in an analysis of a superphosphate of lime, the statement, _monocalcic phosphate, 17.3 per cent, equal to tricalcic phosphate rendered "soluble," 27.2 per cent_, means that it would require 27.2 per cent of tricalcic phosphate to furnish 17.3 per cent of soluble phosphate.
    • In the _Tribune_ of December 20, appeared a statement of the test to ascertain the accuracy of the meter used, which showed that in an aggregate of twelve tests it varied nearly three per cent in its record from the actual quantity delivered, while at times it was so erratic that it varied in one instance over _ten per cent_.
    • Bank ftock, three percent, ann. created 1726; three per cent, confol. ditto, 1731; three per cent.red. ditto, 1 746; three per cent» ann. payable at the South - Sea houfe, 1751; three and a half per cent,
    • (taking) more than 90 days in 36 per cent of cases, Defense 27 per cent and Immigration 22 per cent�. (p 10 Coopes 2007)
    • As this recession grinds on over the next several years, many other, more defensible uses of public money will arise. 2/10's of a cent is a very large tax, and most of the benefit will not go to Seattle, instead subsidizing rural areas for services they should be paying for (and sweet COLAs and pension plans for the sheriff's dept I'm sure).
    • He hasn't raised taxes, nationalized a single industry, or cut a red cent from the defense budget.
    • Microsoft said its revenues in the second quarter grew just 2 per cent from a year before, to $16. 6bn, lower than the $17. 1bn that Wall Street had been expecting.