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What is the meaning of cautious in Hindi?

Meaning of cautious in Hindi is : सावधानपूर्वक

Definition of word cautious

  • careful; using or exercising caution; tentative (adjective)

Examples of word cautious

  • Henry watched amazed as Burgess checked that no one else could see them, his expression cautious and watchful.
  • A shrink had once told him to use the word cautious because of the negative connotations associated with the word paranoid, but Rapp had only laughed.
  • We use the term cautious optimism to account for the mix of factors that each of our customers is weighing slightly differently.
  • MCINTYRE: General Richards 'assessment for the future is peppered with a lot of what he calls cautious optimism.
  • There continues to be what I call a cautious view moving forward and you've heard us talk about the bunker mentality.


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