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What is the meaning of catnip in Hindi?

Meaning of catnip in Hindi is : कटनीप
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Definition of word catnip

  • A hairy aromatic perennial herb (Nepeta cataria) in the mint family, native to Eurasia and containing an aromatic oil to which cats are strongly attracted. (noun)
  • Any of various other mostly aromatic plants of the genus Nepeta, cultivated for their ornamental foliage and clusters of blue, lavender, or white flowers. (noun)

Examples of word catnip

  • August 24, 2009 at 3:28 pm i wanf sumfting wif kiwees’s incluudid in et :3 i wuv catnipz *snifz catnip* aaaahhhh my bewuved catnip.
  • I guess catnip is kitty ganja. (or at least for some).
  • Then his wife, Aunt Jessica, blew in with a decoction she called catnip tea.
  • The cat, exhausted from his "catnip" - induced shipboard acrobatics, melted into a furry puddle across Maati's knees.
  • The catnip was a little more potent than Bob expected.

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