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What is the meaning of castor in Hindi?

Meaning of castor in Hindi is : छोटा पहिया{कुर्सी या मेज आदि के पाये में लगा हुआ}

Definition of word castor

  • A pivoting roller attached to the bottom of furniture to allow it to be moved. (noun)
  • A hat made from the fur of the beaver. (noun)
  • A caster; a container with perforated cap for sprinkling (e.g. pepper-castor). (noun)
  • A variety of petalite found in Elba. (noun)

Examples of word castor

  • So she stepped around briskly, and spread her snow-white table-cloth, and put on her cups and saucers, and plates, and the castor -- (yes, the _castor_ on the _tea_ table! for they didn't care a pin for fashion); and when she had cooked her supper, she looked at the clock.
  • "Why, it's only what we call the castor-bean, only this is larger," I venture to say.
  • Dry disposal or storage involves placing the spent nuclear fuel rods in so-called castor casks, specially-designed steel and concrete cylinders.
  • I slightly differed from the recipe by using superfine sugar, also known as castor sugar, instead of granulated because I fine it produces smoother meringues.
  • To the former class of animals belong the so-called castor, the satyrium, the otter, and the so-called latax, or beaver.


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