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What is the meaning of cashiered in Hindi?

Meaning of cashiered in Hindi is :

Definition of word cashiered

  • Simple past tense and past participle of cashier. (verb)

Examples of word cashiered

  • One cop was cashiered from the force because a pickpocket lifted his gun.
  • He was cashiered from the Russian army, in which he held a captaincy.
  • Matthews thought that President Bush "cashiered" General Shinseki's remarks about wanting more troops and believed the "idea that these guys are free to think out loud, I thought, has been yet to be proven."
  • But it says something about Pakistani politics that its most capable diplomat has been cashiered for attempting to uphold civilian and constitutional rule against a military that has repeatedly subverted it.
  • Then, when cashiered out of the navy after refusing to follow orders which offended his conscience, he is visited by the mysterious benefactor who has shadowed him his entire life, who invites him to join a highly exclusive gentlemen's club, Redking's.
  • Finally, in one quick stroke with no time to debate the issue, the king had severed Parmenion from his soldiers and cashiered the old man to guard duty away from the army.
  • Even before he was cashiered, Belle Jambe Bernadotte nearly let The Iron Marshal get annihilated by a vastly larger Prussian army
  • Even the Democratic treasurer warned that the state couldn't finance its short-term debt with such a risky plan, and Mr. Brown cashiered it.