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What is the meaning of cash in Hindi?

Meaning of cash in Hindi is : रोकड़ में बदलना

Definition of word cash

  • Any of several low-denomination coins of India or China, especially the Chinese copper coin. (noun)
  • To exchange (a check/cheque) for money in the form of notes/bills. (verb)

Examples of word cash

    • For the full year, the Company generated positive operating cash flow of $629 million and ended the year with a total cash* position of $8.0 billion.
    • _cash_; to which is added a proviso authorizing the Secretary to withdraw the public deposits from any bank which shall refuse to receive as cash from the United States any notes receivable under the law which such bank receives in the ordinary course of business on general deposit.
    • The Company uses the term "cash operating income" as an important measure of profitability and performance.
    • AIG is expecting to use the nearly $28 billion in cash from the Alico and AIA transactions to repay the credit facility extended to AIG by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York as well as payments on other interests owned by the federal government.
    • The code to tell our system that you are paying in cash is [1].
    • One such occasion appears to have been on June 19, 1898, when the recently appointed Durrani postmaster, Mirza Khalifa Ji Khan, went to the Peshawar Treasury to collect Rs. 5,58,954 in cash from the subsidy account. 42 In this instance, a quarrel broke out between the Durrani postmaster and his entourage, and British officials and their staffs, regarding the exact form of the coinage's packing in bags and boxes.
    • While Plainfield seems to have swept the disappearance of over $3,000 in cash from the Tax Collector's office under the rug, others jurisdictions are less forgiving.
    • The work proves the feasibility of "pharmaceuticals from livestock," says Karl Ebert of Tufts University veterinary school -- and gives new meaning to the term cash cow.
    • Off the books and in cash is how those with no SSN get paid, maybe on the books and by check if they have an SSN.