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What is the meaning of cases in Hindi?

Meaning of cases in Hindi is :

Definition of word cases

  • Plural form of case. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of case. (verb)

Examples of word cases

    • _nor_ that the powers of even _ordinary legislation_ cannot do it, -- _nor_ that the clause granting Congress "exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever over such District," gives no power to do it; but that the _unexpressed expectation_ of one of the parties that the other would not "in _all_ cases" _use_ the power which said party had consented _might be used_ "_in all cases_," _prohibits_ the use of it.
    • The _aggregate result_ in such cases may be tolerably certain, while the _individual cases_ are very much the reverse; and hence human wisdom, proceeding on a well-ascertained body of _statistics_, may construct a scheme for securing some against the evils to which they would otherwise have been liable, by means of the sacrifices of others, who would not have been in fact, although they might have been, for ought they know, liable to the same.
    • A principal reason [for the decline in cases] is the change in Chief Justices: during his term, William Rehnquist penned the majority opinion in twenty-five cases.
    • We see this in cases from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in 1799 and 1803, as well as from a Michigan territorial court in 1829.
    • He and his allies have pointed out that looking abroad for precedents is not new for the Court: in cases from the 1950s through the 1980s (and also during the 1890s) majorities took account of foreign practices in deciding whether a punishment was permissible.
    • Mazda said he left "to pursue other interests" which in most cases is code for he was shown the door.
    • In a sense, then, the disconnect between the cases is a function of our uneasiness with the idea of better living through chemistry.