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What is the meaning of carries in Hindi?

Meaning of carries in Hindi is :

Definition of word carries

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of carry. (verb)
  • Plural form of carry. (noun)

Examples of word carries

    • Faculty are "furloughed," although the term carries new meaning, since teaching, research, and service responsibilities have not been reduced.
    • As a small town in Arkansas and the birthplace of a potential president, the name carries with it an unavoidable poetry, but its importance beyond that falls into the realm of myth.
    • I assure you that you will not need the lasso that the lady on the label carries to get someone to share this wine with you, if you are lucky enough to have a bottle.
    • Everyone, from grognards to the hippest Indie designers, seems to accept without question that there is such a thing as an old school and that the term carries some meaning.
    • Plus, the label carries with it a bit of arugula-style elitism.