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What is the meaning of carpet in Hindi?

Meaning of carpet in Hindi is : परत

Definition of word carpet

  • A fabric used as a complete floor covering. (noun)
  • To lay carpet, or to have carpet installed, in an area. (verb)

Examples of word carpet

    • a Knight Banneret, dubbed in the field of battle, but, _on carpet consideration_, at a festivity, or on sone peaceable occasion, when knights receive their dignity kneeling not on the ground, as in war, but on a _carpet_.
    • A carpet is assembled by hand and the hair that makes up a carpet comes from the heads of a carpet maker's wives and daughters.
    • One thing to think about in the B-52 raids -- for some of us we go back to Vietnam, and that's where the term carpet bombing came up.
    • CNN MILITARY ANALYST: Well, basically we reject the term carpet bombing, because it brings back images of World War II, in which you did indeed carpet bomb cities.
    • The four of them are a little tipsy as they explain that the carpet is the same color as the ruined one.
    • One issue that gets swept under the carpet is the increase in CO2 and other pollutants caused by heavier vehicle usage, and also there may be heavier traffic, causing jams and higher fuel consumption from idling.
    • Remember that buying a carpet is a long term investment and you need to decide exactly how much money you are willing to spend on it and how long you will use one before you opt to change.