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What is the meaning of carpal in Hindi?

Meaning of carpal in Hindi is : मणिबंधिका

Definition of word carpal

  • Any of the eight bones of the wrist (carpus). (noun)
  • Of or pertaining to the carpus. (adjective)

Examples of word carpal

    • Before there was anything called carpal-tunnel syndrome, there must have been cramped-finger syndrome.
    • There are tiny bones, tendons and nerves that all come together in one little area called the carpal tunnel to provide us with our wrist and hand functioning.
    • The thought of someone clicking through that many sites by hand makes me want to cry and call the carpal tunnel specialist… ;
    • Properly called the carpal trochlea (or trochlea carpalis, if you prefer), this structure allows the hand to fold up tightly close to the ulna.
    • The complaint, known as carpal tunnel syndrome, causes pain and a burning sensation in the hand and fingers.
    • NAM has also demanded the overhaul of the Family and Medical Leave Act because employees abuse it, and argued that employees who suffer from repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome aren't really disabled.