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What is the meaning of carnal in Hindi?

Meaning of carnal in Hindi is : सांसारिक

Definition of word carnal

  • relating to the physical and especially sexual appetites (adjective)

Examples of word carnal

  • If by _carnal_ the Gnostics meant 'sensual,' then, the apostles in denouncing them for rejecting a carnal Jesus, must have held that
  • Where is Hector to command the troll, change, to engage in carnal relations with a vicious predator?
  • Lord help us if old Jimmy gets any ideas along those lines, since his idea of carnal is probably a good old nose pick.
  • This mode of speaking is metonymical, and the word carnal "flesh," is used instead of carnal, by
  • For if the Gentiles have been made partakers of their spiritual things, their duty is also -- "they owe it also" to minister unto them in carnal things -- (Compare 1Co 9: 11; Ga 6: 6; and see Lu 7: 4; Ac 10: 2).
  • It is the policy of Satan, when by his temptations he has drawn men from God and their duty, to rock them asleep in carnal security, that they may not be sensible of their misery and danger.
  • General and confused notions of divine things produce in carnal hearts some kind of desires towards them, and wishes of them; like Balaam's wish, to die the death of the righteous.
  • Note, Those deceive themselves who place their happiness in carnal joys; for God in his providence can soon cast a damp upon them and put an end to them.
  • Note, Many are puffed up with pride, and rocked asleep in carnal security, by their church-privileges, and the place they have in Zion.