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What is the meaning of caravans in Hindi?

Meaning of caravans in Hindi is :

Definition of word caravans

  • Plural form of caravan. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of caravan. (verb)

Examples of word caravans

    • I spent much of my youth in caravans (don't ask) but don't recognise this specimen.
    • He certainly can't be Labour as they travel in caravans rather than drop them from great hights.
    • We drove in caravans of 3 or 4 cars mainly because we percieved the trip as dangerous.
    • Only the worshippers of Buddha now behold the gleam of the Oriental Sun on the golden roofs of the lamasery; the great caravans from the city of the Dalai Lama pass through the border town with no one to tell the pilgrims of the "Heavenly Ruler."
    • Then I proclaimed a fast there -- The dangers to travelling caravans from the Bedouin Arabs that prowl through the desert were in ancient times as great as they still are; and it seems that travellers usually sought the protection of a military escort.
    • The setting is a colony of campers, the kind they call caravans in Europe, which families in August drive to campgrounds for a month, with the same families usually going to the same ones every year.
    • Today's version is the "recreational vehicle," or RV; often called caravans in other parts of the world.