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What is the meaning of caravan in Hindi?

Meaning of caravan in Hindi is : गाड़ी

Definition of word caravan

  • A convoy or procession of travelers, their vehicles and cargo, and any pack animals, especially camels crossing a desert. (noun)
    यात्रियों का एक काफिला या जुलूस, उनके वाहन और माल, और कोई भी पैक जानवर, विशेष रूप से ऊंट एक रेगिस्तान को पार करते हैं।
  • To travel in a caravan (procession). (verb)
    कारवां (जुलूस) में यात्रा करना।

Examples of word caravan

    • Borrowing the term caravan as descriptive of the march, they established markets at all convenient places.
    • Being shot in the caravan is always painful … … on December 1, 2009 at 8: 05 pm I'm Also Clouseau
    • New York Fashion Week has come and gone but the slow fashion Alabama Chanin caravan just keeps on rolling between ‘The Factory’ in Florence, Alabama to Birmingham, Nashville, and back to NYC again this April.
    • Watch out, the caravan is coming to a fhalt, I hope Clinton doesn't fall off, Even if she does, It doesn't matter since the Caravan has already come to a final halt.
    • The entire caravan from the church to the reception was made up of Gran Torinos.
    • I added, ‘The caravan is about to start for Cairo and I wish to return to my people.’
    • We all imagine Beckett to be that vanner and would like to set her up as the target of one of those Top Gear stunts where a caravan is destroyed by interesting technical means.
    • Soon his caravan is trailed by thousands of armless and legless disciples, living in tents, begging for food, waiting patiently for another turn in the operating room with Dr. Phyllis.
    • Sometimes, when the east wind is full of meditative savagery, one almost fancies that a hot odour may have travelled in its caravan from the heart of China, bringing us a message from the spice trees of Kwangtung.