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What is the meaning of cap in Hindi?

Meaning of cap in Hindi is : सिरे काटना

Definition of word cap

  • A close-fitting head covering either without a brim or with a peak. (noun)
  • A special head covering to indicate rank, occupation etc. (noun)
  • An academic mortarboard (noun)
  • A protective cover or seal (noun)
  • A crown for covering a tooth (noun)
  • The summit of a mountain etc. (noun)
  • An artificial upper limit or ceiling (noun)
  • The top part of a mushroom (noun)
  • The cap worn by players as protection from the sun; the cap awarded to a player when first selected to play for a side (noun)
  • A small amount of gunpowder in a paper strip or plastic cup for use in a toy gun (noun)
  • A small explosive device used to detonate a larger charge of explosives (noun)
  • A bullet used to shoot someone. (noun)
  • An international appearance (noun)
  • An upper limit on the interest rate payable on an otherwise variable-rate loan, used by borrowers to defend against interest rate increases. Opposite of a floor. (noun)
  • To cover or seal with a cap (verb)
  • To award a cap as a mark of distinction etc. (verb)
  • To lie over or on top of something (verb)
  • To surpass or outdo (verb)
  • To set an upper limit on something (verb)
  • To make something even more wonderful at the end. (verb)
  • To select a player to play for a specified side (verb)
  • To shoot someone (verb)
  • to select to play for the national team. (verb)
  • To uncover the head respectfully. (verb)
  • Capitalization. (noun)
  • An uppercase letter (noun)
  • To convert text to uppercase (verb)

Examples of word cap

  • [_He takes off his cap and puts on a woolen cap_.]
  • *applies latex swim cap to hold skull togedder, then CHRG wdoi ober the swim cap*
  • A single multivitamin cap is just not potent enough to provide serious immune support, no matter what the company tells you.
  • In the full-dress of the court, the tall black lambskin cap is changed for a turban of shawl; and in place of the stockings without shoes, on entering the room a pair of red cloth boots reaching to the knee is worn.
  • The term "cap" appears to refer to a limit on construction costs.