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What is the meaning of canicular in Hindi?

Meaning of canicular in Hindi is :

Definition of word canicular

  • Of or pertaining to the dog days (adjective)

Examples of word canicular

  • Summer in the canicular South of France requires an extra-strength solution!
  • Tiltass, but are you solarly salemly sure, beyond the shatter of the canicular year?
  • So that henceforth let no man feare to take either easie purgatives, or other inward Physicke, in the time of the canicular, or dog-dayes.
  • That is, under the canicular, or dog-star, and before the dog-star, purgations are painfull and difficill.
  • And now in the torrid heat of summer, the canicular days being at hand, the furnaces in the glass-house of the said Angelo have been extinguished.
  • Zorzi, called the Ballarin, although he has removed from the furnace of the said Angelo the glass which was to be kept hot, does insolently and defiantly refuse to put out the fire in the said furnace, and forces the boys to make the fire all night, to the great injury of their health, because the canicular days are approaching.
  • The point, however, was that they had changed places; Maggie had from her window, seen her stepmother leave the house -- at so unlikely an hour, three o'clock of a canicular August, for a ramble in garden or grove -- and had thereupon felt her impulse determined with the same sharpness that had made the spring of her companion's three weeks before.