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What is the meaning of can in Hindi?

Meaning of can in Hindi is : स्कुल से निकालना

Definition of word can

  • Alternative spelling of Can.. (abbreviation)

Examples of word can

  • PRINCIPLE 1: REJECT DIET MENTALITY (Restricting) Anorexia Bulimia / BED Nervosa • Does not work • Triggers primal •Core issue Core hunger •Can be deadly Can • Can lead to binge
  • Campfire In A Can's® The Gas Can delivers a warmer, brighter campfire experience Now you can experience the difference yourself with our all-new, Campfire In A Can® The Gas Can.
  • I wrote a column last week with the title 'Can Science Save the Planet?'
  • He collected his supernatural tales under the title "Can Such Things Be?"
  • Red Bull: The Art of the Can is a recurring, traveling artistic competition, wherein sculptors and welders and caffeine addicts create cool, weird, and in between creations.
  • Thossut (whom also they called Can, that is to say, Emperour) with an armie against the people of Comania, whom he vanquished with much warre, and afterward returned into his owne country.
  • Tin Can Trailer Trash "Our next challenge is to replace the irreplaceable."
  • Can is not will however and our recent experience with mammograms should give us all pause as to how Congress will react to ROI based cost reduction arguments in the area of health care spending.