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What is the meaning of called in Hindi?

Meaning of called in Hindi is : नाम क्

Definition of word called

  • Simple past tense and past participle of call. (verb)

Examples of word called

  • BECAUSE I have called to you as the flame flamingo calls, or the want of a spotted hawk is called—
  • "I called and _called_, but I couldn't get you to let me out," and, bouncing up, she scrabbled the plates back into their box, then caught up the camera to see if all was as it should be with that.
  • No. Once it had many kings, called khans; but now the khans have lost their power, and are only _called_ khan to do them honor.
  • With the lack of any Japanese songs at the last Karaoke meet we decided that a new venue was called for, so we booked a room at * somewhere i forget what it's called*.
  • It is degeneration and not upward evolution that is now opened up before our astonished eyes by this peep into the ultimate laboratories of nature; and he is surely a blind observer who cannot read in these facts the grand truth that all this substance called matter with which science deals in her manifold studies must at some time in the past, I care not when, have been _called into existence in some manner no longer operative_.
  • But as criticism started pouring in, the site changed: now there’s a gallery called "Not Ghetto," featuring blacks that are making a difference, and one called  "White Hot," to show that class issues are not limited to blacks.
  • It was when he was still in high school that he and Mooky started running with a rapper called Eazy-E, aka Eric Wright, and he, together with NWA manager Jerry Heller, established a label called Ruthless Records.
  • I heard his sermon on this box set that was issued called Goodbye Babylon from a label called Dust To Digital.
  • Terry was the man at that time, and he also had an uncle who owned a label called Ruthless Records.