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What is the meaning of call for in Hindi?

Meaning of call for in Hindi is : लेने आना

Definition of word call for

Examples of word call for

  • For the past two weeks, enabled by the sharp memories of our readership, we've verydeftly proventhat the callfor sanityisn't a new thing at all -- it's been a constant theme of "The Daily Show".
  • Her callfor boycotting Campbell's Soup because the company offered halal -- approved under Islamic law as kosher food is under Jewish law -- versions of its products got her much attention, as did her promotion of a screed claiming that President Barack Obama was the illegitimate lovechild of Malcolm X.
  • But instead of responding to the Egyptian-Algerian actorAhmed Mekky'swake up callfor unity, peace, and tolerance, Egypt's loss on November 18th in Sudan proved that it wasmuch more than football!
  • Genetics, Physics and Ecology are scientific disciplines that have activateda callfor deep systemicchanges in our thinking as a global human species.
  • But it is the result that an evenhanded application of the endorsement test would callfor.
  • Mobutu said Thursday from France tat heintended to callfor a national council that would bring all sides together - "excluding no one" - to reunite the nation.
  • Dozens of ballot initiatives have been put forward by the best of the California public, some of which go as far as to callfor a constitutional convention, so we can change the fundamentals of state governance and prevent the legislature from doing this to us again.