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What is the meaning of calfskin in Hindi?

Meaning of calfskin in Hindi is :

Definition of word calfskin

  • A fine leather made from the hide of a calf. (noun)
    बछड़े की खाल से बना एक महीन चमड़ा।

Examples of word calfskin

  • A courageous commander-in-chief, who tells West Wing advisors sipping lattes in Italian calfskin loafers what they have to do, rather than ask the George Bush question, "What should we do?"
  • Copies of the same books, mostly bound in calfskin, were to be found in the library below, and I courageously resolved that I too would read them all and try to understand life as he did.
  • "covered in supple" Swift "calfskin which is, of course, hand-wrapped after a time-consuming tanning process that gives it a fantastic luxurious feel"
  • The circular pattern is hand-embossed and quilted on totes and soft portfolio clutches in red, blue, pastel, black and white in patent leather, lacquered calfskin or a semi-opaque Nappa leather.
  • Martin Ramin for The Wall Street Journal Leica V-Lux 30 This is more of a pocket camera, but pair it with a beautiful brown leather calfskin case ($130) designed specifically for the V-Lux 30 and you can wear it around your neck (or slung over your shoulder), ready to be deployed.
  • Bryan Derballa for The Wall Street Journal This Dax Gabler "Hunter" bag is made of French calfskin and will sell for $655 at www.daxgabler.com in July.
  • The straps will be available in sets of two, including traditional alligator and calfskin and a range of colored silk straps.
  • I bought two pairs from local leather shops: a brown pigskin and a shiny black calfskin.